Eye Candy: Ossie Clark in Vogue

1960s, british boutique movement, celia birtwell, eye candy, Inspirational Images, ossie clark, Vogue

A little visual fondant fancy to take away the bad taste left by news of the tacky Ossie Clark label relaunch, here are some originals and proof that the magic will never be recreated (not least because Celia’s prints are contracted to Topshop these days). Save your hard earned money and buy an original, who knows which fabulous Sixties beauty might have once worn it?

3 thoughts on “Eye Candy: Ossie Clark in Vogue

  1. Oh, I’m not sure the relaunch will be tacky. I know Al Radley cares deeply about Ossie’s reputation. I’m not sure if the buyer does, but Al certainly thinks he does. I thought a relaunch was overdue actually, what with Celia getting the whole Topshop gig purely due to her association with Ossie; that’s what was hurting the name, IMHO: pseudo-Ossies in Topshop. Vile. Celia’s talented but the world doesn’t revolve around her as much as she thinks. Ossie did plenty of wonderful pieces without her prints.

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