Mensday: A pipe does something for a man…

1970s, Mensday, menswear, Vintage Adverts

Yeah. Because nothing says ‘sexy’ like stained teeth, hands, stinky breath and a distorted lip. Mmmmm.

I particularly love: “Handsome beast, she murmurs. And nuzzles the horse. She doesn’t fool me.”

The one saving grace is his rather natty tweed jacket. Other than that, I’d stick to the horse. It probably has better breath…

Telegraph Magazine, July 7th 1967

6 thoughts on “Mensday: A pipe does something for a man…

  1. His Lordship is partial to a pipe, but not every day (hence, I feel, his ability to breath etc'. Always useful). You can get some relatively nice aromatic blends.Not sure why the latent, casual bestiality angle to this advert though?? CREEPY. Yuk yuk yuk.

  2. The St Bruno TV adverts in the Seventies were equally horrendous. One consisted of a scantily-clad female, splashing in a stream whilst the alpha male guy, smoked his pipe.Actually pipe smoke is nowhere as bad as cigarette or cigar smoke.

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