Weekend whiz around London

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The past, eh? It was just better.

Scanned from Honey, August 1968

5 thoughts on “Weekend whiz around London

  1. Love it!!! And I think you're right. It WAS better. Even though there's still loads of cool things to do in The Smoke…some of them the same as listed here…back then everyone looked fabulous while doing it! The swinging 'vibe' is gone. And I'm just sorry I missed it!Cheers for sharing!!!

  2. This truly was my past. I was a student in London then. Remember visiting the exciting 'futuristic' Cybernetic Serendipity exhibition at the ICA (4pm Sunday) because there was no Sunday shop opening then so you all zoomed to these other trendy cultural gatherings. Joan Price's Face Place (11.30am Saturday) was terrific (though I actually didn't visit it until much later). She made up one side of your face while both teaching you how to do it, and discussing which cosmetics ( from any brands ) best suited your look. Then you did the other side under her instruction. Brilliant concept and so much better than visiting the individual cosmetic company counters. And the King's Road Drug Store has sadly morphed into the golden arches. Hey – don't live in the past- invent you own future like what we did!

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