Mild Sauce: Illustrated Titillation

1970s, cosmopolitan, Illustrations, mild sauce, underwear, Vintage Adverts

Is it just me, or are drawn sexy images generally sexier than photographed sexy images? Despite the completely ludicrous breast depictions, I’ve got a soft spot for these adverts. All scanned from various copies of Cosmopolitan, 1972-76.

The worrying thing is, women actually pay for breasts like these nowadays.

5 thoughts on “Mild Sauce: Illustrated Titillation

  1. These are brilliant!My favourite is the jumpsuit one. I can imagine Alison Steadman in Abigail's Party hankering after one.And yes, equally surprised to see them starting at size 12!

  2. Love the last one, with the promise of the four-poster and its throbbing excitement lines.I couldn't buy from ads one and three because of the deeply unsexy grammatical errors. "…most scantiest"? "… comprised of"? Turn-off or what?

  3. Perhaps it is reassuring to know that copywriting was just as bad back then?As for the sizing. Well I've had vintage 14s that this modern size 8 lady has found a bit of a squeeze. Sizing was up the creek even back then, and a size 12 was certainly smaller than a modern 12.

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