Inspirational Images: Knickerbockers Glorious

1970s, gauchos, harold ingram, Honey Magazine, mary quant, morgan rank, mr freedom

Left: Knickerbockers and midi waistcoat by Pippa. Gilt hinged patent belt by Stuart Baxter. Snake printed Jules et Jim cap by Mr Freedom. Right: Waistcoat and gauchos by Pippa. Belt by Second Skin. Shirt by Harold Ingram.

Gaucho trousers are one of those styles that ‘the powers that be’, i.e people you don’t want to be listening to, like to say can be ‘pulled off’ by very few people. Well, I’ve been happily strutting around in a gorgeous pair of tomato red linen gauchos from Wallis, circa 1970, for a while now and I can safely say that they are one of my most favourite items of clothing. Ever. Because of their bold, clashy kind of shade of red, I’ve been mainly teaming with a plain black top, black tights and my chestnut brown brogues. So I was delighted to see these two photos from a spread in Honey (the rest are knickerbockers, I have no knickerbockers yet. This makes me sad.) where some super hot gauchos are teamed with, yes, leather brogues. I’m so 1970, and I don’t even try.

Of course, because I’m so 1970, my outfit post pictures are, errr, stuck on a roll of film which I haven’t finished yet. And, errr, then I’ve got to have them developed. So, enjoy Morgan Rank’s pictures of the photogenic ladies wearing the gauchos and brogues.

Photos by Morgan Rank. Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Honey Magazine, October 1970.

Left: Midi waistcoat and matching gauchos by Jon Elliott. Brogues from Lilley and Skinner. Baker boy cap from Mr Freedom. Right: Tunic top and gauchos by Sujon. Cap from Herbet Johnson. Lace-up granny shoes by Mary Quant.

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