Inspirational Illustrations: Painted Pin-ups by James Wedge

1970s, hand tinting, Inspirational Images, james wedge, miss selfridge, pin ups, swimwear

What is this mysterious alchemy that makes James Wedge’s version of the pin-up cliché somehow completely wonderful to my eyes? I think the hand-tinting is a nod to the fictitious nature of the pin-up, completely revelling in its own artifice and utilizing its superficiality to create something fresh – despite its inherently retrospective origins. Also, it doesn’t involve Photoshop. Modern photographers need to take serious note.

Advertisement for Miss Selfridge, photographed and tinted by James Wedge.

19 Magazine, May 1974. Scanned by Miss Peelpants.

3 thoughts on “Inspirational Illustrations: Painted Pin-ups by James Wedge

  1. Main trouble with photoshop as i see it is that its so easy to use modern photographers don't know where to stop. Subtley CAN be achieved; but it is the re-toucher who is to blame not the program.

  2. I’ve actually seen this in the copy of 19 from my mother’s collection of British 70s magazines like 19, Honey & Mirabelle etc. The Asian model (also with the afro wig) is the fabulous Marie Helvin pre Bailey 🙂

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