Doodling With Colour

Honey Magazine, Illustrations, Make-up, maudie james, patrick hunt

Hmmm. What shall I try first? A rainbow across my tilt-up nose, or should I wait a few weeks and do the ‘April Fool!’ one? Some good make-up tips here, I particularly love the rainbow lashes, and I would now dearly love to get myself a Doodle Kit.

8 thoughts on “Doodling With Colour

  1. This is wonderful. I was just admiring examples of 'doodle'-type make-up in some issues of Seventeen magazine from the 70s that I have. Very charming, especially the freckles and the eyelashes. I'll post them on my blog soon.

  2. I was at secondary school with Maudie James and remember how exciting it was when she started modelling! I would love to know what she is doing now!

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