Oh to have been a fly on the wall…

1970s, alice pollock, bill gibb, british boutique movement, Gina Fratini, jean muir, john bates, lord snowdon, mary quant, ossie clark, thea porter, zandra rhodes

Front row left to right: Jean Muir, Alice Pollock, Thea Porter. Second row: John Bates, Tim Gardner, Gina Fratini. Third row: Bill Gibb, Zandra Rhodes. Top: Mary Quant, Ossie Clark.

So many egos, so little space… I’m placing bets that Quant and Bates didn’t speak to each other for the duration. But it’s also nice to see Bates sitting with his friend Bill Gibb, and now I like to think that Alice Pollock and Thea Porter must have been quite pally as well.

9 thoughts on “Oh to have been a fly on the wall…

  1. What a cool bunch, and captured by Snowdon in his prime! Almost as beguiling as his studio portrait (shown recently in the Saatchi gallery) of the Sunday Times Magazine team in the same studio, similarly seated and standing, but all draped within a mighty cloth with only their heads visible, so we can only guess whether he intended to serve them up as severed heads.Thank you too, Emma, for your Freudian analysis, though you omit to remark on the gap yawning between Mary and Ossie, or indeed Zandra come to that!

  2. Hard to know how much I'm projecting really. They're quite a frosty threesome there at the back aren't they?Ossie looks so separate from all of them. Like he knows he's too good to be posing alongside people he thinks were copying him etc…As for Quant being at the top, at the back. At first I thought it was a comment on her supposedly being the most famous, which irritated me, but actually it singles her out as the one nobody wants to stand next to.I guess Zandra should have just farted to break the ice between them…

  3. Why be a fly on the wall when you can have a seat in the center of the web. You can assume the worst or best all you want…or you can go to someone who was there…dead center, the youngest of the bunch and colleagues with them all…Tim Gardner. A good friend, friendly soul, brilliant mind and a transplanted Brit alive and well and living in beautiful OC, CA. Now no more prevaricating, ask away! Who knows what stories he can tell!

  4. I think one of the IDs may be wrong. I saw this picture in the National Portrait Gallery yesterday and the key next to it (which I snapped on my phone as I was fascinated by the image) says Christopher McDonnell not Tim Gardner is sitting in the middle. It’s at the exhibition Snowdon: A Life in View.

      1. The NPG may have got its info wrong as I’ve just been comparing this shot and another I found in a 1971 feature in The Guardian with the Snowdon image…couldn’t say for certain but certainly a question mark. And I can’t find a picture of Mr Gardner.

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