Vintage Adverts: The Restaurant Pyjama

1960s, janice wainwright, loungewear, underwear, Vintage Adverts, Vogue

Janice Wainwright for Golden Charm. Advert scanned from Vogue, April 1969.

Excitement abounds! My new lingerie and loungewear section of the website is taking shape behind the scenes and I am particularly excited about an upcoming Janice Wainwright for Golden Charm ensemble, not entirely dissimilar to this one.

I’m more into lounging in loungewear around the house than in a restaurant, but I suppose one only knows what one knows. The fact is that in 1969, people were so well-dressed when they went to dinner that you could be truly outrageous by wearing your pyjamas. In an age when nobody gets dressed for anything, well that is when you need to shock by wearing your finest frocks.

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