Vintage Adverts: The Cream of Miss Selfridge

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Ossie Clark (model on the right is a young Anjelica Huston)

Once upon a time, Miss Selfridge used to stock clothes by the likes of Ossie Clark, Thea Porter and Gina Fratini… If only t’were still the case!

The Ossie advert is scanned from Cosmopolitan, May 1972, the Thea Porter and Gina Fratini ones are from April 1972.

Thea Porter

Gina Fratini

2 thoughts on “Vintage Adverts: The Cream of Miss Selfridge

  1. This is how is how I think of Miss Selfridge really. I used to have a little collection of theses ads because I wanted to copy the dresses. I must have torn them from my mums magazines. I bet that pleased her!

  2. I bought my 21 st outfit from Miss Selfridge.It was such a great place and the quality of design was so high. It cost me a fortune but I bought it out many times . I went to to work there in 1976 the Cream Room which was small, where I bought a French Leather Flying jacket that got stolen in the hairdressers. The cavernous space was full of rondells and cheap wall racks around the room and although still hot to trot for fashion ideas it had lowered it’s base line price but never as low as it did when it became a chain store.

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