Inspirational Editorials: Who Needs Skirts?

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Satin trousers, matching jacket, 17gns by Ossie Clark from Quorum

Above is the notorious Lamborghini suit, most famously worn by Twiggy. I honestly love everything from this editorial. Except that the Lamborghini suit doesn’t suit me at all, and I am speaking from bitter experience there.

Photographed by Peter Knapp, carpets from Peter Jones.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from The Sunday Times Magazine, December 1st 1968

Brocade chiffon three-piece outfit with harem pants, 20gns by Ossie Clark from Quorum.

Trouser suit trimmed with snakeskin by Mog, 16gns, Countdown.

Velvet waistcoat £20, and brocade harem pants £16, by Thea Porter Decorations Ltd.

Angora cat-suit by Mary Farrin, 22gns

Dungarees by Zandra Rhodes and Sylvia Ayton, £8 10s, Fulham Road Clothes Shop. Sweater by Laura, £18, Vidal Sassoon Boutique.

6 thoughts on “Inspirational Editorials: Who Needs Skirts?

  1. Ditto MissPeelpants.
    OMG you’re so right about the Terry de Havilland rip offs! Just looked it up and my jaw dropped…

    1. Gosh, they are! I own two pairs of Miu Miu Snakeskin platforms from their 2003/4 season and now I know where the idea came from! Stunned. Exact copies.

  2. Can someone explain “dungarees”? In the U.S. it means “jeans” which doesn’t look to be the case here. Thanks!

    1. Dungarees are often denim (see Dexy’s Midnight Runners in full on ‘Come on Eileen’ mode…) but can be any fabric, they are trousers with a pinafore tab at the front, attached by straps to the back. Hope this helps!

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