Inspirational Editorials: By Royal Command for Public Demand

1970s, barbara hulanicki, biba, Bob Richardson, british boutique movement, Inspirational Images, platforms, Vintage Editorials

The Duchess of Windsor has been the epitome of elegance for thousands of people, as she manages to combine originality and chic in such a feminine way. With her faultless dress sense in mind, Barbara Hulanicki of Biba designed some of these outfits exclusively for 19, keeping the theme black and white as that most associated with the elegance of the ‘Thirties. We take you back, in affectionate nostalgia, to the days of tea at the Ritz, when immaculately dressed ladies and gentlemen listened to a string orchestra, while nibbling cucmber sandwiches and sipping China tea.

Photographed by Bob Richardson.

Model is Donna Jordan

Scanned from 19 Magazine, May 1972.

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