Meet. Dream. Talk. Touch. Trevira. Terrific!

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Dress in Harlequin print by Kati at Laura Phillips. / Peasant style dress by Kati at Laura Phillips.

I can’t say I’d normally be rushing to lovingly scan a Trevira advertorial, but then not all Trevira adverts were photographed by Eva Sereny!

All man’s accessories from Austin Reed.

Photographed by Eva Sereny.

Scanned from Vogue, March 1978.

Scoop neck sweater by Dalkeith. Skirt by Dereta.
Hooded cape and long evening dress by Roter.
Dress and cape as before. His suit by Austin Reed.
Two piece by Frank Usher. / Top and skit by Cojana.
Evening dress by Jean Allen. Man’s suit by Steegan.

Forecasting a busy few weeks….

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Apologies for the lack of updating the past few days. I’m currently doing some dressing work again and trying to keep up with general day-to-day website stuffs. I also snatched a mere 48 hours in Brighton (bliss!) in a break between shows which, in turn, reminded me that I scanned this brilliant image the other day and hadn’t shared yet.

I’m determined to keep up a snappy[ish] blogging pace but, with work and a birthday holiday, I can’t promise quite such frequent updates. Besides, it’s summer. Is anyone even still reading me every day?