Lazy August Days….

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But I can’t stop working. Apologies for the mixed bag of listings, we’re still straddling two seasons at the moment (fashion-wise) so I’m trying to keep it light but trans-seasonal. This is harder than you might think. I’m also working on Autumn-orientated listings which will be coming towards the end of the month in preparation for a luscious September (fingers crossed). I might sneak the odd incredible designer piece on the block before then though, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

But what am I talking about? I’ve got a few amazing pieces just listed now, including Jeff Banks, Louis Caring, Paraphernalia and Sarah Whitworth.

Danielle Dax, an alternative fashion icon.

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Before I knew her music, I knew these two photos of Danielle Dax from my research into early Eighties goth and new-rom fashion for a degree project. Only later on when I heard Big Hollow Man did I realise who that mad-haired, madly made-up goddess really was. It’s something of an outrage that she’s not better known, for both her music and her incredible style.

She once asked “Why are the nicer people not as successful as the shitty people?” and I have to wonder the same thing. Check out this lovely interview with her (oh how I used to love that programme!) and marvel at her hair. Check out the video at the bottom of this post and marvel at her make-up.