Happy Birthday Queen Kate

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Bush, that is. I need little or no excuse for un petit spam d’image of the lovely lady…

Red Dresses

kate bush, noosha fox

I find I’m completely captivated by two videos of two beautiful women, with unique voices and dancing, wearing stunning red dresses, with brilliant hair and make-up. I realise this is not all that surprising for me.

What I find really odd is that, dates-wise for these videos, Noosha appears to be imitating Kate. Whereas, in fact, Noosha pre-dates Kate with her style, singing voice and aforementioned peculiar movements. I generally tend to think Ms Bush imitated Ms Fox, albeit probably quite subconsciously. So when these things blur in such a way, it boggles my mind.

Is it just me overthinking things? Did Noosha start imitating Kate slightly, or was it the natural progression of her own style (which Kate acquired a little earlier because she was processing the Noosha style faster) – since she’s certainly changed a bit! Almost like she’s had a sexual awakening between S-s-s-single Bed and The Heat Is On. Perhaps it’s the effect of a really sexy red dress?

Why should I care? I have no idea. It certainly makes me wonder about individuality and imitation, and how clear-cut either thing can really be.

Queens of Pop

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Did anyone see the BBC1 Queens of Pop programme the other night? Neither did I. Now I know I don’t watch a lot of telly these days but, when I do, I see every other show being trailed to death. Yet I had no idea this had been on. Luckily I was able to use iPlayer, so hopefully any other UK readers who might have missed out can get to see it.

It’s not exactly earth-shatteringly interesting, more a fluffy bit of eye candy. But oh what eye candy! It was almost quite John Bates-tastic, what with Dusty Springfield in her empire line beaded hobble skirt gowns, and Sandie Shaw wearing what I’m certain is a Bates here.

They also briefly touched on the Sandie Shaw Boutique, even showing some clips of the opening and the designs. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. There’s hardly any information around about this little venture, so to suddenly have the footage was fabulous. I have one, very groovy, Sandie Shaw dress which I recently had cleaned’n’pressed and shall photograph’n’blog about very soon.

So team Dusty and Sandie, with Marianne, Suzi, Siouxsie and Kate….and you’ve pretty much got a perfect line-up of awesome music and even more awesome (what? I’m a fashion girl…not a musician….) clothes and make-up.

Also very well worth watching just to see John Lydon getting all sweet and soppy over Kate Bush. Awwww…..

Fashion Icon of the Moment: Kate Bush

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Kate Bush. Wide-eyed, bushy-haired and with a voice you feel you probably should hate but somehow makes you fall under its magical spell. Kate has been a fashion icon since the moment she appeared, seemingly perpetually vaseline-smeared, in the late Seventies. She matched her wardrobe to her kooky, dreamy sound and otherworldly appearance. The very epitome of bohemian, her dance background also meant that she interspersed floaty chiffons and silks with spandex dancewear such as leotards and leggings.

Her wild auburn hair was similarly bohemian, always curly or crimped, and has remained her trademark look to this day. Her expressive, open features were enhanced with heavy eye and lip make-up, there was no following the only-emphasise-one-feature rule for our Ms. Bush! She almost defies explanation. Most men I know positively glaze over with lust if you simply mention her name, and there’s definitely a lesson to be learned about subtle seduction in your appearance. And she’s still a very hot lady, without having resorted to botox and facelifts. Personally, this year Kate Bush has emerged as my main squeeze style icon and will remain so for a long while yet.

Kate, we salute you!

Ms. Peelpants and The Art of Lounge

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I want to be lazy
I want to be out in the sun
With no work to be done
Under that awning
They call the sky
Stretching and yawning
And let the world go drifting by

I want to peep
Through the deep
Tangled wildwood
Counting sheep
til I sleep
Like a child would
With a great big valise full
Of books to read
where its peaceful
While I’m
Killing time
Being lazy

Well, truth be told Mr Berlin, I get lazy in autumn rather than summer. Don’t get me wrong, I long to go out and kick up some crispy fallen leaves with my newly-pulled-out-of-storage favourite patent knee highs and snuggled up in my cinnamon coloured chenille coat. Who doesn’t? But mmmm…….bed is a very inviting place in the Autumn. When the temperature is just the right side of downright nippy…..but you still let out a little moan and snuggle back under the duvet.

Suddenly autumn is the time you start looking at new cushions and bedspreads and get all excited about those delicious cinnamon, claret and chocolate shades. Actually…excuse me while I go stock up on all those delicious things. And while I’m at it, I may have to buy a whole load of cushions, fabric and set to work creating my own little Biba boudoir retreat.

Trouble is, we’ve lost the art of lounge. Back in the Seventies they catered brilliantly for this delicious indulgence. Like a nouveau Rococco period, where negligees and beautiful slippers were made just the right side of dressy so you never needed to emerge from that dreamy morning state….right through til your dinner party. Check out the Petticoat fashion spread I’ve scanned in, all about how to dress for lounging. Now that’s a clothing lifestyle I can really get on board with. And I’ve also included a picture of the untouchably awesome Kate Bush – just check out the colour of that divine original Thirties dress!

Laziness doesn’t necessarily mean slobbishness, so I say reclaim your weekend!!! Learn how to lounge!! Screw minimalism, create a luscious boudoir and lock the door on the world. You’ll need the clothes too, but really most vintage will do the trick for this. Put on that Ossie or Biba you’ve not had the guts to wear out yet. Same goes for the platforms, you’ve not had a chance to wear them outside yet so you can wear them in bed. Their time will come, but don’t keep them in a box until it does!!

Pour a glass of wine, break off a large piece of chocolate…..okay, maybe two large pieces…..oh what the hell, have the whole pack! And just indulge your senses……

In case you still need some clothes to lounge in, try these beauties…..

L-R: Cathy McGowan claret maxi dress, Biba red velveteen maxi dress, Zandra Rhodes print loungewear gown, Mr Freedom sateen maxi dress, Wallis moss crepe maxi skirt and coat set.