This must be underwater love….

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White pleated dress; £30 from a selection at the Prop Shop, 51 Old Church Street.

I can’t believe I’ve never scanned this before. Honestly, the backlog of scanning is ridiculous due to time constraints and the fact that all magazines other than early Honeys are a very Bad Size for my scanner. When will I ever have an A3 scanner? When will I ever have the room?

Anyway, this is an utterly delicious shoot from The Daily Telegraph Magazine, July 1972, featuring some seriously beautiful clothes actually worn underwater in the Bahamas. I must admit that part of me winces at the idea of a silk chiffon Ossie being ruined in the name of a photoshoot. But, then, this is an incredible shoot…and no one would dare do it now, with a vintage piece, so it’s totally unique. I genuinely think that Cherry Twiss is one of the great unsung heroes of British fashion journalism, I’ve always loved the Daily Telegraph Magazine shoots under her direction.

Fashion Editor: Cherry Twiss

Photographer: Flip Schulke

Model: Cathy Shirriff

Also, unfortunately, the Telegraph had a pretty lousy print at times – especially when it came to the small ‘inset’ images. I’ve done my best, but they’re low-res to start with I’m afraid. Still very enjoyable and inspirational though…

Dress by Suliman; £25

Red spotted voile nightdress from Biba; £10.25

Left: Top and skirt by Anokhi; £22.50 – Right: Chiffon dress by Ossie Clark at Quorum; £30

‘Capsule’ by Mary Quant; £4

Left: Silk dress from Rumak and Sample; £25.15 – Right: Chiffon caftan by Deliss; £79

Octopus scarf dress from Essenses (Stand N8 at Antiquarius); £30

7 thoughts on “This must be underwater love….

  1. Oh my gosh!! What a beautiful shoot!..funny thing is… I do remember so many underwater shoots in the 70s and 80s…must have been a trend.

  2. Thx for sharing these scans, fantastic photos. Know only to well the fight with a scanner, it's worth it though when theirs photos to share :DIf only we could transport ourselves back in time and snap up those outfits at those prices. I'd have my beady eye on the Biba dress.

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