1970s, boots, platforms, stripeyness, Vintage Adverts

This advert from 1974 just makes me want the stripy boots, never mind painting my boots just one bright colour. It also always makes me think of the delicious Doug Reynholm’s homemade suit in the last episode of The IT Crowd; a very fine way to occupy the days before a trial.

6 thoughts on “See…

  1. Awesome boots 🙂 I love old clothing ads. Ha I love the IT Crowd, that episode is so funny. I'm loving how Reynholm the II's voice is everywhere on TV at the moment too! x

  2. Fab boots, i used to dye my shoes a lot back in the days when you could get interesting shoe dye colours.Why do I always feel sorry for Jen?She doesn't really deserve it.

  3. What a gorgeous picture. I love the model and the boots.I'm going to a Mad Men party tomorrow night. I have absolutely nothing even vaguely 50's and I'm the only person on the planet who hasn't watched it yet.I've been advised to go for an early 60's look from Season 4. Kate at Make Do Style sent me some pictures and I have a couple of similar-ish shaped dresses. I'm trying to work that out at the moment with what I have in my wardrobe. Do you have any tips? You know SO much more about vintage than I do xx

  4. These shoes remind me of the heartbreak of 1998, when I went to Faith every week that autumn to see if they had a particular pair of chevron stripe boots. They never did. And it was the days before internet shopping….goes into a corner and rocks gently…

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