Mild Sauce: Be Prepared

1970s, Honey Magazine, james wedge, janet reger, mary quant, mild sauce, underwear

Janet Reger

More James Wedge fabulousness. I’m always delighted to find and scan a ‘new’ James Wedge photoshoot, and this one is adorable, despite lacking the trademark Wedge hand-tinted touch.

You never know when next you may stand revealed in the full glory of your underwear. Will it stand the test? Bare with us and we’ll show you how to steal even the most embarrassing scenes in these glamorous, seductive undies-to-get-caught-in.

Honey. December 1972.

Images scanned by Miss Peelpants

Dress from Browns, pants by Warners

Janet Reger

Janet Reger

Madeleine Foundations

Mary Quant


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