The New Avenger in Lee Bender

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I have just listed some stunning new pieces over at Vintage-a-Peel, but the real star of the show has got to be this incredible Lee Bender for Bus Stop skirt and halter top set. For it is identical to the one worn by Joanna Lumley in a photocall for The New Avengers in 1976. Deliciously bright and saucy, and the one thing which might distract the world from your pudding-bowl haircut!

Photos and links to other newly listed items follow underneath…

Late Sixties cord jacket (click to view listing)

Murray Arbeid 1980s turquoise cocktail dress (click to view listing)

Terry de Havilland 1970s gold glitter shoes (click to view listing)

Norman Hartnell early 1960s chiffon and soutache evening gown (click to view listing)

Annacat 1960s blue velvet jacket (click to view listing)

Harold Ingram 1970s knitted top (click to view listing)

Polly Peck 1960s white cotton blouse (click to view listing)

Chelsea Girl 1970s stripe jumper (click to view listing)

Tom Bowker for Jean Varon 1970s silver lamé top (click to view listing)

5 thoughts on “The New Avenger in Lee Bender

  1. What a lovely collection of garments, you always come up with the goods. The Lee Bender outfit is a real stunner, some very lucky gal will look a million bucks in that….x

  2. Lovely. My mum cut my hair pudding bowl for the first 5 years of my life. I blame Joanna Lumley personally. But I forgive that sweet dress!

  3. How amazing to have those pics of Joanna in the Lee Bender! Brings the outfit to life. And didn't Ms Lumley rock a pudding bowl like no one else! i'd look a right 'nana in a Purdey…:-)

  4. Love that you have the pics of that outfit, really brings it to life. And didn't Miss Lumley rock a pudding bowl like no one else-i'd look a right 'nana! 🙂

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