Mensday: Bachelor Bedrooms

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Victor Lownes

Come now Cosmo, why so coy? Surely we all know they’re actually known as ‘Shag Pads’? I love all of them, but I’m particularly fond of Mr Lownes’s Casa Pupo bedspread, walnut headboard, push-button ‘gadgets’  and array of, ahem, ‘etchings’… Now we can see exactly how he managed to snare Roxy cover girl Marilyn Cole.

Scanned from Cosmopolitan, January 1973.

Duggie Fields

Duggie Fields


4 thoughts on “Mensday: Bachelor Bedrooms

  1. OMG – so many men we knew (of) at the time!

    Victor Lownes was as creepy then as he is now. The women involved with him were after one thing – money. They traded themselves in ( not talking about the London Bunnies in general who were quite prim and proper).

    Amazing to see Dougie Fields here – we collected his art at the time. ( Sadly since sold.) And Bevis Hillier – although slightly older than us – because of the Sotheby’s connection we were friends with his parents who were leading art world establishment figures at the time.

    And lastly the darling and much lamented Lord Lichfield who dated Britt Eckland and who we saw duck out of an exit straight into the Leicester Square cinema queue in front of us when they were trying to hide from the press.

    1970s – happy days.

  2. Best Mensday ever. But I imagine Miss Milinaire would have been more than a match for any of that lot.

    I wonder how much Duggie Fields was paying for his exquisite 1930s bits and pieces. Were they still considered trash at that time? No cheaper than buying decent early ’70s furniture now, perhaps.

  3. I love looking at pics of retro interiors. I had a coffee table book in Canada that I thrifted that was all about 70s decor – some of it was truly hideous but I do so regret getting rid of it when I moved overseas! Happy holidays! Xoxo

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