Mensday: Bachelor Bedrooms

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Victor Lownes

Come now Cosmo, why so coy? Surely we all know they’re actually known as ‘Shag Pads’? I love all of them, but I’m particularly fond of Mr Lownes’s Casa Pupo bedspread, walnut headboard, push-button ‘gadgets’  and array of, ahem, ‘etchings’… Now we can see exactly how he managed to snare Roxy cover girl Marilyn Cole.

Scanned from Cosmopolitan, January 1973.

Duggie Fields

Duggie Fields


What a difference a decade makes

caterine milinaire, radical rags, sixties

Caterine Milinaire. Step-daughter of the 13th Duke of Bedford. Photographed at Woburn Abbey at the beginning of the Sixties, and at a protest towards the end of the decade. Caterine worked for Vogue in the Sixties and wrote the now legendary ‘Cheap Chic’ book in the Seventies. Both photos scanned from Radical Rags.