Three Boyds on the Wing

1970s, countdown, Feathers, Foale and Tuffin, jenny boyd, Leslie Poole, patrick lichfield, Pattie Boyd, The Sweet Shop, thea porter, Vogue

Three Boyds on the wing, above. Three sisters from Devon. Paula, 19, in skirt and jerkin of red and grass green mixed up cotton prints. £15, by Foale & Tuffin, at Feathers. White voile shirt, by Leslie Poole, £5, at Countdown. Thea Porter bead and velvet choker. Patti, 25, Mrs George Harrison, in peasant dress, green butterfly chiffon, £50. Afghan choker, £16. Both at Thea Porter, 8 Greek St, W.1. Jenny, 22, in red and green calico flower appliqué skirt. 110, at The Sweetshop, 28 Blantyre St, S.W.10. Thea Porter white shirt.

Photographed by Patrick Lichfield.

Scanned from Vogue, April 1st 1970.

Victoria Tennant (and Afghan)

1960s, british boutique movement, Kenneth Vard, patrick lichfield, Victoria Tennant, Vogue

Victoria Tennant, an Afghan hound and a jacket of real patent leather, caramel brown and shiny. She is a drama student at the Central School. The jacket, 39 gns, was made with wide lapels and a belt, by a new boutique, Kenneth Vard, 90 Marylebone High Street, W.1, who makes anything in any colour and any suede or leather.

Photographed by Patrick Lichfield.

Scanned from Vogue, May 1969.

Mensday: Bachelor Bedrooms

1970s, Bevis Hillier, caterine milinaire, cosmopolitan, Duggie Fields, interior design, Mensday, patrick lichfield, Sandy Whitelaw, Victor Lownes

Victor Lownes

Come now Cosmo, why so coy? Surely we all know they’re actually known as ‘Shag Pads’? I love all of them, but I’m particularly fond of Mr Lownes’s Casa Pupo bedspread, walnut headboard, push-button ‘gadgets’  and array of, ahem, ‘etchings’… Now we can see exactly how he managed to snare Roxy cover girl Marilyn Cole.

Scanned from Cosmopolitan, January 1973.

Duggie Fields

Duggie Fields


Inspirational Images: Gabrielle Crawford in Miss Fish

1960s, Inspirational Images, Michael Crawford, mr fish, patrick lichfield, Vogue

Gabrielle Crawford in an Elizabethan pageboy blue and green striped silk shirt from the new Miss Fish collection, 15 gns to order. She’s just back from Rome where her husband Michael has been starring in The Games. Miss Fish is the latest addition to the Mr Fish family, 17 Clifford St, W.1.

Scanned from Vogue, June 1969. Photo by Patrick Lichfield.

Inspirational Images: Shrimpton by Lichfield

1970s, Inspirational Images, jean shrimpton, patrick lichfield

Patrick Lichfield, 1970

I seem to have a fascination for tree-climbing in fancy frocks. It was one of the main reasons I fell for Emma Peel back when I first saw You Have Just Been Murdered (she shins up a tree in a feather trimmed mini dress and silver shoes). Of course, I would never run the risk of doing such a thing myself (Think of the snags. And I’m so clumsy I’d definitely fall and break my neck trying to rescue a dress from being skewered by a branch!) but it’s always such a captivating thought…

Patrick Lichfield, 1970

Frilly white shirts and travels….

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Apologies for the brief break in blogging! I’ve been having a lovely little break with some friends up in Yorkshire, where I saw the fabulous Boy George in concert and got appropriately New Romantic-ed up again, and then rushed back yesterday for the launch of Richard Lester’s book on John Bates. I will be reviewing the book after I’ve got over the giddiness at meeting my design icon again, so stay tuned!

I pity the fool who doesn’t dress up and make-up for Boy George gigs!

I also visited the Lichfield retrospective at Nunnington Hall, which I can highly recommend. There’s even a photo of the delicious Oliver Reed which was a nice surprise as we went in. The infamous Jane Birkin in Ossie Clark photo was there, as well as a contact sheet from the rest of the shoot (some of which I preferred to the final definitive image).

Swing your pants! It’s Jane Birkin in Ossie Clark!

The house is National Trust and, aside from a very bizarre and slightly uncomfortable atmosphere in the upper floors [though I did not see a ghost, unfortunately], is well worth a look around as well.
The only disappointment was that they didn’t mention he had his own range of frilly shirts, sold through Annacat, in the Sixties! But that could only ever be a disappointment to someone strange like me!

Yeah Baby! Lichfield does his Austin Powers thing alongside Janet Lyle of Annacat

Oh and talking of white frilly shirts…. On a day trip to Liverpool, I officially fell in love with a completely divine white shirt in Vivienne Westwood with three enormous bow ties down the front. In my current deliriously New Romantic phase, where I often find myself gazing longingly at photos of John Taylor in a ruffly shirt [it’s hard to decide which of those two things I want more], there can be little better than an actual Westwood one. I don’t often post about modern pieces, and I still can’t find a photo to show you, but I make the exception for Vivienne because she’s the very definition of fabulous! Of course it’s a Gold Label priced at about £350, Miss Peelpants does nothing by halves, but a girl can dream can’t she?

In lieu of a photo of the Westwood shirt I want, here are some gratuitous images of John Taylor in white shirts.

Any excuse!