Inspirational Images: Annabel Hodin in Ossie Clark

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ossie clark harpers queen february 73 b

Out on a limb… Ossie Clark as always. His new collection bristles with exclamation marks that point to Ossie the inimitable – the coat-hanger shoulders on his suits, the bright bunches-of-flowers prints by Celia Birtwell, the fluid lines and bosomy curves of his dresses.

Annabel Hodin, twenty-four years old, and a girl who believes in extremes. She changes the way she looks with the seasons, likes to be very, very brown in summer, white in winter, wears little make-up by day, lots at night. Daughter of Dr Josef Hodin the art historian, she lives in Hampstead, loves London, feels European, is at home everywhere.

Photographed by Barry McKinley at the home of Michael Chiu, owner of the Chiu Gallery. Make-up by Barbara Daly.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Harpers and Queen, February 1973

ossie clark harpers queen february 73 d

2 thoughts on “Inspirational Images: Annabel Hodin in Ossie Clark

  1. i saw this pic of Annabel & booked her first modelling runway show in may 1973….I had my own collection for quorum at that time…………….btw nice to see an article on david silverman….I was his designer in the late 60s & he was a genius guy.
    Sheridan Barnett

  2. Hot! They gave her that 1930s retro look that Biba and Ossie Clark were known for. I LOVE those old 1930s looking Biba poster pics! This model looks like a Poirot episode and I love Poirot too especially for all of the clothes, hairstyles and makeup in them.

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