Biba Cosmetics

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Sorry for the protracted absence over the past month. I realise I’m not the only one, but I have been experiencing serious fatigue from the events of the past year and I think the loss of Diana Rigg was some kind of final straw for me. I could see I was almost at the point of burning out and decided to take my foot off the pedal for a bit. But I get itchy fingers if I don’t scan for a while so I am gently starting up again, although it’s unlikely to be the same frequency as before. I’ve enjoyed the downtime too much and need to be careful with my mental health – as do we all!

I hope you’re all hanging in there ok, and that at the very least my archive has been of some distraction and enjoyment to you.

Biba cosmetics advert scanned from Honey, October 1971.

8 thoughts on “Biba Cosmetics

  1. Thank you so much for your posts Liz. They have meant a lot to me over the years…from when you started posting as Get Some Vintage Appeal to now. I am 62 and remember many of the images that you post. It is a delight to be shown them again and in particular the retro styles of the 70’s, the soft focus and muted colours of that 30’s and 40’s inspired glamour. It looks so gentle somehow. You have reconnected me with my teenaged years and I am very grateful to you. This year it has meant more than usual. I am sending you love and hugs and hoping that you feel better and that you have support around you. Rachel x

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