1970s, Adrian Mann, Badges and Equipment, corocraft, crowthers, flair magazine, Illustrations, philip castle, universal witness
I. Red and white enamel and gilt bumble-bee with pearly eyes/78p. 2. Blue, green and red enamel and gilt dragon-fly/78p. 3. Green and red enamel and gilt dragon-fly/90p, all by Adrien Mann. 4. Red plastic may-bug, Universal Witness/75p. 5. Small green and blue enamel and gilt dragon-fly, Adrien Mann, 57p. 6. Antique nickel plated bumble-bee, Gay Designs/69p. 7. Red plastic bunch of cherries, Adrien Mann/95p. 8. Chrome acorn and oak-leaves badge, Badges and Equipment/45p. 9. Creamy plastic peacock, Universal Witness/75p. 10. Shiny red enamel continental tomato, Corocraft/69p. 11. Small house badge, Crowthers/ 33p. 12. Double daisy with green enamel petals and red enamel centres, Adrien Mann £1.08. 13. Spotty apple badge, Crowthers/ 37p. 44. Green enamel apple/69p. 15. Yellow enamel pear/69p, both by Corocraft.

Pin on a badge like one of these and you’re back to nature in a small way. Picture badges, winged thing pins, discs in the shape of fruit, flowers and plants-all are part of the new, slightly naive look in accessories. And whereabouts on your person, you might ask, do you actually pin a bumble-bee or a pear? Answer is anywhere. On your left sleeve. Let a dragon-fly come to rest at your hemline. Let an oakleaf sprout on a kneesock. Just let the badge be where it falls naturally.

Illustration by Philip Castle.

Scanned from Flair, August 1971.

3 thoughts on “Cornucopia

  1. I remember making the Spotty Apple badges for a commission for Crowthers in Kensington High Street! I also made wooden necklaces that matched some of the patterns in the material of their dresses and the necklaces were featured on the cover of Honey or Petticoat. The year must have been around the early 1970s and I still have some of the items I made then. Perhaps they would be considered antiques now!

  2. Hello Liz, I have just left a comment but I don’t know if it was received.
    How lovely to see that you are still continuing your reminders of the greatest era in fashion……when everything was new and unusual.
    I remember making the two badges, the spotty Apple Badges and the Home Badge for Crowthers on commission. I also made various other badges and wooden necklaces to match some of the prints on their dresses. It was an extremely large order for me, considering everything was handpainted by myself and extremely time consuming. The necklaces were featured on the cover of Honey, Nineteen or Petticoat ….I cannot remember which Magazine offhand, but I have a copy of the front cover in my album.
    I still have many of the items that I made in those days and I suppose they would be called antiques now! We actually lived in a bed sit with two babies, not far from Crowthers and Kensington Market and so were regular visitors to the High Street….it was such an exciting place then.
    I recently retired as an artist but still paint for my own enjoyment.
    Please carry in with your good work. Have a lovely day! Jane.

    1. Hello Jane! Sorry, I’m not always very fast with approving comments! It’s lovely to hear from you and hear a bit more information about the badges and your work. I’ve still got a spread dedicated to your wonderful work which I keep meaning to scan (but as you can imagine, I have so many magazines I can’t always lay my hands on things when I need them). Best wishes, Liz

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