Easy on the eye

19 magazine, 1970s, Hair and make-up, Illustrations, Miners, philip castle, Vintage Adverts
Miners make the most of your eyes

(Uncredited artist but it looks like it could well be the work of Philip Castle)

Scanned from 19 Magazine, July 1979.

Scents to Soak in

1960s, Harpers Bazaar, Illustrations, philip castle

scents to soak in

Illustrated by Philip Castle.

Scanned from Harpers Bazaar, March 1969

Come Up and See Me Sometime

1960s, Adrian Mann, alice pollock, angela gore, biba, bus stop, corocraft, Emmanuelle Khanh, Fenwick, Foale and Tuffin, Harrods, Honey Magazine, Illustrations, Inspirational Images, lee bender, lingerie, philip castle, underwear, way in


FRONT: Granny vest-slip in pink rayon stockinette, by Walker Reid, 11s. 6d.; Persian love-ring by Corocraft, 7s. 6d.; opera-length pearl strand by Corocraft, 9s. 6d.; hairslide from a selection by Adrien Mann. LEFT TO RIGHT: Art Nouveau print slip in chocolate and black by Biba, 28s. 6d. Southern-belle lace-trimmed dressing gown by Angela Gore, 15 gns.; satin bra by Emmanuelle Khanh, 89s. 6d.; little boy boxer shorts by Etam, 5s. 11d.; silver buckle bracelet by Corocraft, 31s. 6d. Black satin smoking jacket with gold facings by Bus Stop, approx. 5 gns.; see-thru tulle bra by Emmanuelle Khanh, 55s.; black oval ring by Adrien Mann, 22s. 6d. Baby blue nylon nightie with high gathered waist at Separates Centre, 22s. 6d.; silver bracelet by Maxine Northwood, 35s. Black jersey-crêpe dressy-coat with spotted cummerbund sash and cuffs by Foale & Tuffin, 131 gns.; jet strand necklace at Fenwick’s, 21s.

… I’m always at home … it’s such a bore going out when there are such fabulous slink-at-home clothes … well, I mean … who wants to get oyster-satin wet? I’ll just cuddle up in a clutch-close wrap in front of the fire… and sling on a few jewels, and how’s about it, pal-sie ? See you soon soon…

Illustrated by Philip Castle.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Honey Magazine, November 1968.


LEFT TO RIGHT: Taj Mahal print hall-slip by Warners. 23s. lid.: relax-line bra by Lovable. 9s. 11d.: strands of jet beads by Fenwicks, 21s. each. Play-around coat•dress in pink satin by Bus Stop. 89s. 6d.; jewelled cross brooch by Paul Stephens. 15s.60. Sail-away lounging pyjamas in white rayon jersey by Foale & Tuffin. 12gns.; Maltese cross by Corocraft, 37s. 6d: black oval ring by Adrian Mann. 22s. 6d.: wide silver bracelet by Adrian Mann, 57s. 6d. Velvet print lounging gown with satin trim by Angela Gore. 12 gns. Jean Harlow nightie with pin-tucked bodice in powder blue by Walker Reid, 43s. 6d. At Home gown in oyster satin, 96s. 2d.; matching bra, 41s. 10d.: matching little•boy pants, 51s. 4d. All by Alice Pollock FRONT: Casual nothing while stretch lace bra by Biba. 21s.: white stretch lace bikini pants by Etam, 4s.11d.; oval hair slide from Harrod’s Way In. 7s.60.: hoop ear-rings by Corocraft, 15s. 6d.; armful of narrow gilt bangles by Paul Stephens. 27s. 6d. each.

Inspirational Illustrations: Flirty Face

1970s, cosmopolitan, Illustrations, Inspirational Images, philip castle

Flirty Movie Star Face by Philip Castle Cosmo May 74

“Flirty Movie Star Face” by Philip Castle.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Cosmopolitan, May 1974

Inspirational Illustrations: “I haven’t time” by Philip Castle

1970s, cosmopolitan, Illustrations, Inspirational Images, mild sauce, philip castle

“I haven’t time” by Philip Castle. Illustrating a short story by Alberto Moravia

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Cosmopolitan, March 1972

Inspirational Illustrations: Lipsticks are a girl’s best friend

1970s, Hair and make-up, Illustrations, Make-up, philip castle, Vintage Adverts

Boots 17 cosmetics advert. Scanned from 19 Magazine, June 1973.

Illustrator sadly uncredited but it certainly has the Philip Castle look.

Inspirational Illustrations: Male Insecurities

1970s, cosmopolitan, Illustrations, Inspirational Images, marilyn monroe, mild sauce, philip castle, Robert Redford

Scanned from Cosmopolitan, March 1972.

One of the most incredible illustrations I think I have ever seen, by the legendary Philip Castle. I think it even out-does The Real Appeal of the Heel

Inspirational Illustrations: Brush up!

1970s, Illustrations, petticoat magazine, philip castle

Illustration by Philip Castle.

Scanned from Petticoat, April 1970.


Mensday: The Real Appeal of the Heel

19 magazine, 1970s, haute naffness, Illustrations, Mensday, menswear, mild sauce, peter wyngarde, philip castle

Philip Castle. The Real Appeal of the Heel. 19 Magazine, May 1972

I adore the illustration from this article in 19 Magazine, May 1972. The article itself is a bit wordy and I decided it wasn’t worth scanning or OCR-ing, but the illustration can’t be missed and there’s a great little vignette at the bottom of the article.

Do we think illustrator Philip Castle was somewhat *ahem* inspired by the great Peter Wyngarde? He of Jason King fame and When Sex Leers Its Inquisitive Head. An album which has to be heard to be believed. (Please don’t click the links if you are of a sensitive nature. Or haven’t taken any mind-altering substances so far today.)