Mensday: Advertisements, 1969/70

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It’s been a while since I posted some sharp menswear adverts. All are culled from Telegraph Magazines from 1969/70.

“..designed for men to get birds in sight and girls over barrels.” -Yikes!

And, finally, he’s really not the most swinging of dudes, but I have to admire a man who wears a bri-nylon shirt and tie on a tropical island…

Carry On Behind

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This is mainly a post about new listings, but I’m very behind in everything at the moment so the phrase ‘Carry On Behind’ keeps popping into my head. I caught the second half of that film a few weeks back and, as with most British films of that era, it right proper cheered me up. If I was going to have to live through an era of gloomy economics, I’d much rather have lived through the Seventies…

I’m also wondering whether there’s a gap in the heaving burlesque market for a naff Seventies stripper type? There are so many Bettie Page wannabes, and even a few Sixties-style go-go girls, but I would personally love to see some jiggling in nylon ruffles and bubble perms going on.

Anyway, there aren’t too many nylon ruffles and sequins in my latest batch of listings. But that’s because there are some seriously scrumptious moss crepe, satin, velvet and jersey goodies. Ossie Clark (twice! I’m too good to you….), Gina Fratini, Dollyrockers, Ritva, Lee Bender for Bus Stop, Hardy Amies and some beautiful unlabelled pieces as well. I hope you see something which tickles your fancy, and I’ll work on the whole nylon ruffles thing in the meantime….

Dollyrockers – psychedelic printed dress

Gina Fratini – Black jersey goddess dress

Ritva – nautical-themed knit sweater

Paul Nicholas & Co – Black moss crepe & chiffon dress

Hardy Amies – Printed silk chiffon dress

Lee Bender for Bus Stop – Black crushed velvet peephole dress

Vivid art deco printed jersey dress

Strapless cut-out flower dress

Ossie Clark – rust crinkle crepe satin dress

The men behind the frocks

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John Cavanagh

Ahhhh, so I didn’t get a nomination for the Cosmo blog awards. I didn’t think I would, but I do wish that these lists would incorporate blogs with a bit more personality beyond whatever the PR companies are sending them this week. In case anyone objects to my slightly waspish tone, there is no one on the fashion list who is also on my reading list. Or who follows me, that I know of. Or who I’ve ever heard of. And I am prone to sweeping generalisations when I choose. My blog, my rules.

Me, I acquire paper cuts from 32-year-old fashion reference books just so I can bring you weird and wonderful photos of weird and wonderful clothes and people. I guess I’m a bit niche, which is totally fine by me. And I rarely show my face.

Other people who didn’t have much of a public face were designers of the past. Particularly the male ones who wouldn’t have looked much good in their own designs, unlike a lot of female designers. Before the cult of celebrity started to infect fashion designers, the likes of Hardy Amies and Victor Stiebel were happy to let their frocks do the talking. No eyeliner, eye-patches or black lace fans for them, oh no.

So it’s rather delightful when you come across a little feature such as this one, from Prudence Glynn’s In Fashion book from 1978. Three of the photos are by John French, and the Digby Morton is thrown in for good measure. I’m always fascinated to see the face behind the frocks; it can be rather astonishing to test out your own preconceptions.

Hardy Amies

Victor Stiebel

Digby Morton

A Cavalcade of Goodies

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..on the website this week are:

A stunning black moss crepe blouse by the fabulous Alice Pollock

A jersey and sequin confection by Biba

An adorable smock dress by Gina Fratini

A gorgeous little floral mini dress by Louis Caring

A very rare early Jean Muir piece

A gorgeous couture Hardy Amies grey silk dress

A fabulously forties-styled dress by Mary Quant’s Ginger Group

and finally, a superb print culotte dress by Lee Bender

Not all of them have got their patented flowery Miss Peelpants descriptions yet, but I’m working on it! I was getting so many emails about the ‘coming soon’ pieces, I thought I ought to just get them measured and up there! Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need a flowery description IMMEDIATELY. It’s what I’m here for…..