New Scene Baby Dolls

1960s, Babydoll, Hair and make-up, Illustrations, Make-up, Rave, Vintage Adverts

“Wake up to new make-up”

There is always wonder and joy when I find another of these Woolworths Baby Doll make-up adverts. But there is also always eternal frustration that I don’t know who illustrated them.

Scanned from Rave magazine, July 1969.

Baby Doll

19 magazine, 1960s, Babydoll, hair, Illustrations, Vintage Adverts
Baby Doll advert - 19 Magazine - May 1969

Always delighted to see another Baby Doll advert, and this one is particularly fabulous – making more of a feature of the iconic logo girl than any other I’ve seen.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from 19 Magazine, May 1969.