Mensday: The Real Appeal of the Heel

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Philip Castle. The Real Appeal of the Heel. 19 Magazine, May 1972

I adore the illustration from this article in 19 Magazine, May 1972. The article itself is a bit wordy and I decided it wasn’t worth scanning or OCR-ing, but the illustration can’t be missed and there’s a great little vignette at the bottom of the article.

Do we think illustrator Philip Castle was somewhat *ahem* inspired by the great Peter Wyngarde? He of Jason King fame and When Sex Leers Its Inquisitive Head. An album which has to be heard to be believed. (Please don’t click the links if you are of a sensitive nature. Or haven’t taken any mind-altering substances so far today.)

10 thoughts on “Mensday: The Real Appeal of the Heel

  1. Oh dear, I think it's too unfair on gorgeous Peter! For one thing, Jason King usually treated women as rather special, unless they were feminists and so were undeserving of his particular gentlemanly attentions! He also certainly had a double-helping of personality and charisma and eyes that didn't miss a detail.I agree with the above comment, for even when he was wearing something that was a bit less tasteful, he still looked fantastic, I mean, how many men have you seen in kaftans! I only saw him for the first time last summer, bought the Department S and Jason King dvds sets, it was love at first sight!

  2. I particularly love him in The Avengers (A Touch of Brimstone)"Women are mere vessels of men"Kiki, sadly I do not. I'm rather fond of airbrush art, so I really ought to!Weirdly when I was a kid, only having seen the odd photo of him as Jason King, I remember thinking he was Japanese. Go figure!

  3. Also see The Comic Strip film 'Detectives On The Verge', where Peter Richardson plays a perfect pastiche of him as 'Jason Bentley'. 😀 (Youtube clips blocked by Channel 4 unfortunately, but well worth purchasing!)

  4. OMG – Your match with P Wyngarde is perfect. As a cub reporter I interviewed him at home in Kensington when he was at the height of his fame as Jason King in 1969. In keeping with his character he served up his signature drink, a vodka negroni, in a monster goblet that seemed to contain about a gallon of the stuff. Conveniently I had one of the early portable reel-to-reel tape recorders, the Philips EL3585 Magnetophone, taking notes for me. If only I still had one to play back my old tapes!

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