Guy Day: What I Want in a Wife

1970s, Mensday, mr fish, oliver reed, peter wyngarde

Gyles Brandreth; David Broome; Mark Caine; Robert Carrier; Max Clendenning; Tom Courtenay; Roger Collins; Brian Strange; Michael Fish; Benny Hill; John Hurt; Simon Jenkins; Eddie Kulukundis.

Your eyes do not deceive you. A ‘What I want in a wife’ article is not a natural place you might expect to see either Peter Wyngarde or Ian McKellan’s face, but… this was 1972, so here they are.

As for Oliver Reed? Well, let’s just say I’m not surprised…

Femininity is important. I hate the bull-dyke Women’s Lib type of bird. The best women for me are those who have plenty of drive but in the end like to be dominated. I like a girl who can understand and then tolerate me and, above all, she must have good knockers.”

Scanned from Cosmopolitan, April 1972.

John Lill; Lord Lyell; Ian McKellan; Ron Moody; Tim Nicholls; Simon Oates; Brian Patten; Lance Percival; Jimmy Saville; Ned Sherrin; Sidney Shipton; Johnnie Silvo; Joachim Stein; Dave Cash; Max de Trense; Derek Underwood; Jack Wild; Oliver Reed.

John Bentley; Earl of Lichfield; Georgie Fame; John Pitman; Victor Behrens; Karl Green; Michael Whittaker; Peter Wyngarde; John Peel.


Mensday: The Real Appeal of the Heel

19 magazine, 1970s, haute naffness, Illustrations, Mensday, menswear, mild sauce, peter wyngarde, philip castle

Philip Castle. The Real Appeal of the Heel. 19 Magazine, May 1972

I adore the illustration from this article in 19 Magazine, May 1972. The article itself is a bit wordy and I decided it wasn’t worth scanning or OCR-ing, but the illustration can’t be missed and there’s a great little vignette at the bottom of the article.

Do we think illustrator Philip Castle was somewhat *ahem* inspired by the great Peter Wyngarde? He of Jason King fame and When Sex Leers Its Inquisitive Head. An album which has to be heard to be believed. (Please don’t click the links if you are of a sensitive nature. Or haven’t taken any mind-altering substances so far today.)