We Gotta Whole Lotta Sole

1970s, Honey Magazine, platforms, Russell & Bromley, shoes, stockings, Vintage Adverts

Yes please x 3

Advert for Russell & Bromley scanned from Honey, October 1972.

Mild Sauce: Tip toes

1970s, john thornton, mild sauce, platforms, shoes, stockings, terry de havilland

Shoes by Terry de Havilland

I would kill for those heels in the above photo. Both photos are by John Thornton and scanned from Masterpieces of Erotic Photography. I seem to spend a lot of time on my tip-toes, either forced on me by high-heels or just naturally. People think it’s funny, cute or weird, depending on who they are…

New listings: Worra load of Cobblers

accessories, biba, chelsea cobbler, Illustrations, ossie clark, platforms, shoes, stockings, terry de havilland, tights, vintage fangirl squee, Vogue, website listings

Not really. In case you don’t look in the usually somewhat forgotten section of accessories on the website, here are the new listings contained therein. Including a pair of amazing Chelsea Cobbler shoes (featured in a Vogue illustration at the time):

Some divine moire silk Terry De Havilland shoes:

A very groovy plastic Sixties belt:

And some beautiful Biba and Ossie Clark bonneterie.