Relax You’re Looking Good

1970s, cosmopolitan, disco, Lotus, Rock Follies, shoes, Swanky Modes, Vintage Adverts

Something of a Rock Follies influence here, plus I’m pretty sure that’s a Swanky Modes dress on the left.

(Tag yourself, I’m the Kiss Me t-shirt and Hussar boots…)

Scanned from Cosmopolitan, October 1978.

Dance! Dance! Dance!

19 magazine, 1970s, charles jourdan, disco, haute naffness, liberty, Vintage Adverts

Shoes by Charles Jourdan. Jewellery from Liberty.

Hair by Michelle at Harambee. Photographed by Peter Barry.

Scanned from 19 Magazine, July 1979.

The Bump

cosmopolitan, dancing, disco, monty coles, seventies fashion

Any child of the Seventies or Eighties, growing up in the UK, will know who Floella is. To anyone else, I’m going to be lazy and link to the Floella Benjamin wiki page. Very exciting to see her doin’ the bump in Cosmopolitan magazine in March 1975. I dare you all to try out the bump tonight, down your local discotheque or just in the comfort of your own kitchen with your loved one(s).

Photos by Monty Coles.

Si tu cherches la bagarre?

amanda lear, disco, haute naffness, seventies fashion

I’m finally off for a few days to spend my second Christmas and only New Year with someone special, so I won’t be around to blog. Thank you all so much for your comments over the past few days, and indeed the past year. I’ve been doing silly hours at work for a few weeks now, so I haven’t had time to comment as much as I would like on all of your blogs, so it means a lot to me.

Enjoy your New Year celebrations, as small or as huge as they may be. I suspect mine will involve a lot of champagne coupe action, so I’ll raise a glass to all my dear readers and fellow bloggers and say…

Happy New Lear! 😉

The Cold Shoulder

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Where’s all my one-shoulder-loving-ladies? I’m afraid I couldn’t resist the temptation to give Roxy a bit of a Farrah-flick, in memoriam, when I put this super groovy striped Lee Bender top on her.

It’s quite a transitional period piece really. It can move quite happily from glam rock to disco with a mere change of trousers and shoes, and music of course. Now available over at Vintage-a-Peel for a foot-stompingly reasonable £38. Just click the image to view.