Mild Sauce: Jilly Johnson in Janet Reger

1970s, Bob Carlos Clarke, Inspirational Images, janet reger, jilly johnson, mild sauce, underwear


Expect more posts with more saucy Janet Reger catalogue goodness, but to begin with – Jilly Johnson.

(date unknown but I’m guessing ’79-’80)

Photographed by Bob Carlos Clarke. Scanned by Miss Peelpants.


Kinky Croquet

1970s, album covers, Inspirational Images, interesting record sleeves, jilly johnson, mild sauce, platforms, shoes, swimwear

Featuring superbabe Jilly Johnson, and formerly belonging to a dymo-wielding dude named ‘Ross’, I cannot help but covet the matching silver bikini/platform shoe combination on the reverse side. Or in the words of the great Tarkus, B-Side.

Inspirational Images: Mild Sauce

1970s, boots, Inspirational Images, jilly johnson, mild sauce

Jilly Johnson photographed by John Kelly.

Scanned from How To Photograph Women (1984)