Inspirational Illustrations: His ‘n’ Hers

1960s, Illustrations, patchwork, petticoat magazine

Illustrating a small article about patchwork. Petticoat, June 1969. Artist uncredited.


Inspirational Images: Alice Ormsby-Gore in Bill Gibb for Baccarat

1970s, Alice Ormsby-Gore, bill gibb, Inspirational Images, patchwork, tessa traeger, Vogue

In the great rainbow garden of patchworks, patchworks to wear and for eating and sitting on. The suit, a maxiskirt of caramel suede soft as chamois, a chamois suede jacket appliqued with patent and leather piece over piece, with leather thongs and Indian beads sewn together to decorate the sleeves.

The shape is mediaeval, trumpet sleeved and tiny bodiced there’s a matching kepi with five-foot leather streamers. Bill Gibb designed this; it’s made to order at Baccarat. Lady Anne Tree’s patchwork tablecloth is a giant circle of hexagons in a thousand and one rose, red and pink prints—bandanas, polka dots, checks and cherries—made in traditional manner with paper cut to the hexagons, stitched, then the basting removed to release the paper. Lined and edged with a heavy woollen fringe. The multitudes of patchwork crochet cushions are in multitudes of sun and chrysanthemum colours, some knit or enormous needles. 3½ gns each, at Women’s Home Industries

Photo by Tessa Traeger.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Vogue, “Fashions in Living”, January 1970.