Inspirational Images: Marc Bohan for Dior

1970s, Architecture, christian dior, Inspirational Images, Marc Bohan, norman parkinson, Vogue
"I have to have the best. Life is too short without it. What I really love is simple perfection..."

“I have to have the best. Life is too short without it. What I really love is simple perfection…”

Marc Bohan in the courtyard of his apartment, with ” a completely different look for evening… It’s casual but very exciting. The whole thing has an idea of throwaway luxe which I love…” coral crepe lamé smock, deeper coral crepe georgette camisole over cigarette straight trousers.

Really this is more about inspirational architecture. How extraordinary is that courtyard? Like something from a fantasy film. Does it still exist? Anyone?

Photographed by Norman Parkinson. Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Vogue, September 1974

Inspirational Editorials: Coats at the Barbican

1960s, Architecture, Barbican, Elgee, Inspirational Images, petticoat magazine, Richard Dunkley, stirling cooper, Vintage Editorials, wallis

Coat by Elgee

I spent a month working at the Barbican last year, and fell in love with its strange beauty while I wandered around on my breaks. Sometimes these things need to grow on you, or for time to pass on past experiences; it is safe to say that I was never much of a fan during the seemingly endless trips to see the RSC there in my schooldays, nor when I went for a rather traumatic audition at Guildhall…

Amazing to see this glorious Petticoat spread, photographed at the Barbican when it was still a little Brutalist Baby in 1973.

Photographed by Richard Dunkley. Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Petticoat, October 1973

Coat by Shapes

Coat by Stirling Cooper

Coat by Sheraton

Coat by Wallis Shops