How to find the ideal man!

1970s, Illustrations, leslie chapman, petticoat magazine

Illustrated by Leslie Chapman.

Scanned from Petticoat, 24th April 1971.

The quickest way to his heart

1970s, Illustrations, leslie chapman, petticoat magazine

quickest way by leslie chapman

Don’t say it’s only pretty pictures here at Vintage-a-Peel, sometimes you get bonus recipes with your amazing art deco-inspired illustrations…

Illustration by Leslie Chapman.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Petticoat Magazine, December 1971.

Inspirational Illustrations: Paris in the ’70s

1970s, christian dior, Illustrations, leslie chapman, Louis Feraud, paris, petticoat magazine, Sue Hone, Torrente, ungaro

Left to Right: Ungaro, Torrente, Ungaro, Feraud, Feraud, Dior, Feraud and Dior

This is Paris, Spring ’70, though to the uninitiated it might look more like the Wild West than the Right Bank. Some designer are familiar, some so beyond the fringe as to pass without comments, and some so beautiful that you’ll stop at nothing to get your hands on them. High on the wanted list are suedes with Aztec-Indian embroidery and tiny, chin-knotted scarves and long-line boots. There are extra-bulbous knickerbockers with tunic tops that halt firmly at the buttocks, midi-length satin or silk-jersey, pintucked or slit way to the waist, spotted suede, squaw fringing, lace-up sleeves — in every length from mini to maxi!

Fashion by Sue Hone. Illustrated by Leslie Chapman.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Petticoat, 4th April 1970

Inspirational Illustrations: Where Modesty Still Matters…

1970s, Illustrations, Inspirational Images, leslie chapman, petticoat magazine

Illustration by Leslie Chapman

Scanned from Petticoat, May 1971.

Inspirational Illustrations: Play the Fashion Game

19 magazine, 1970s, Illustrations, irvine sellars, leslie chapman, paper dolls, ravel

I fear I may be thirty-eight years too late to enter this competition, but I definitely wouldn’t say no to a wardrobe full of Irvine Sellars gear! Let me know if any of you are crazy enough to print this out and make actual paper dolls (and please send photos…).

Illustrations by Leslie Chapman. Scanned from 19 Magazine, May 1974.