Go plain crazy with Miners

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Miners want to make it plain. The right-now look is unglossy, unsparkly… unbelievable. Plain crazy make-up. Flat, matt colour for your eyes, lips and nails. New Shadomatic eye colour comes in a super dinky bottle. It’s a loose powder shadow and applicator all in one. And, like lipsticks and nail polish, you get a great line-up of unashamed, earthy colours. So stop clowning around, and go plain crazy.

Scanned from 19 Magazine, April 1976.

The Kaleidoscopic Knit Show

2007, Adrian Mann, Alain Walsh, Barnett, clowns, crowthers, Dranella, erica budd, Flair, Hedgehog, Henry Miura, Honey Magazine, Jasper, jeff banks, John Craig, Joseph, mary quant, mr freedom, Originelle, sally levison, Smart'n'Tartan, st honore, Tabu, Vintage Editorials, wallis
Jet black pullover with fluted cap sleeves, Barnett from Wakeford’s, King’s Road, SW3. Billowing sleeved crepe shirt, St Honore. / Stripey Acrilan sweater, Tabu, from Originelle Gloucester Road, SW7. Tangerine crepe shirt, St Honore; ship brooch, Mr Freedom; striped cloche, Levison Originals. Both shirts from Flair, Golders Green Road.

Brighter and brighter, the new brand of knits is coming. Bolder than ever, with huge batwing sleeves, flaring kimono arms and rainbow stripes. Piled on top of one another or over a striking shirt – without any doubt the greatest knits ever seen.

I don’t know about you, but clown and circus-influenced editorials are one of my favourite themes and really quite a staple of the late Sixties and early Seventies youth magazine boom.

Photographed at Foire & Cirque de Rancy, France.

Photographed by Alain Walch.

Scanned from Honey, February 1972.

Khaki wool cricket sweater, Miura from Hedgehog, 135 Fulham Road, SW3. Strawberry-patterned cotton shit, Dranella. / Ice cream coloured Acrylic sweater, Jeff Banks from 2007, Oxford Street, W1. Ladybird cotton shirt, Jasper.
Square necked acrylic sweater, Erica Budd. Full sleeved crepe shirt, St Honore. / Patriotic striped Acrylic sweater from Crowthers, Kensington High Street, W8. Patchwork print cotton shirt, Jasper from Sidney Smith, King’s Road, SW3.
Bright red batwing Orlon sweater, Erica Budd. Ladybird cotton shirt, Jasper. Moon and star plastic brooch, Adrien Mann. / Confetti spotted and striped pullover and scarlet vest, both by John Craig from Joseph, King’s Road, SW3. Lemon brooch, Paul Stephens; bee brooch, Adrien Mann.
Kingfisher blue sweater, Erica Budd from Smart’n’Tartan, Upwest, Oxford Street W1. Goldfish brooch, Adrien Mann. / Navy sweater with small batwing sleeves, Mary Quant from Dickens & Jones. Wild strawberry cotton shirt, Dranella.
Pillar box red and bright yellow Dralon sweater from Wallis. / Navy, scarlet and light blue Acrylic sweater, John Craig from 2007 Oxford Street, W1.

Clowning Around

1970s, album covers, clowns, haute naffness, interesting record sleeves


Sexy? Quirky? Disturbing? I’ll leave that up to you. I’m afraid I couldn’t resist it…

Formerly belonging to a Miss Corinne Hall of Chichester. Scanned by Miss Peelpants. Dated 1973

Inspirational Images: Beauty Studies by James Wedge

1970s, clowns, hand tinting, Inspirational Images, james wedge, Make-up, pierrot

Hauntingly beautiful. I can never, ever resist a photoshoot inspired by clowns. (Indeed, Mr Wedge seems to have made them something of a trademark!) That make-up, that neck ruff…

Scanned from Painted Ladies: Art of Hand Colouring in Photography by James Wedge.

Vogue’s Christmas: Send in the Clowns

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It’s oh so quiet…

…over here, isn’t it? I haven’t turned to ice, or been out enjoying the snow too much to blog. No, I’m back in the West End, with my latest one-woman show….. ahhh, just joking! I’m back at the ballet, dressing the newest version of The Nutcracker and the schedule is a bit punishing for all involved. So I’m grabbing moments when I can, to post out my wares and try to keep on top of things. But sadly, it means that I’m barely able to keep up with all you lovely bloggers and get half of the things done before Christmas that I needed and wanted to do. Argh! Anyway, to keep you going until I have time/energy to blog again, here is one of my all-time favourite Vogue shoots from December 1975. Beauty and grace personified…

Apologies to any coulrophobes out there!

By John Bates

By Gina Fratini

By Jorn Langberg

By Bill Gibb

By Thea Porter

By Zandra Rhodes

Main dress by Hanae Mori

By Nettie Vogues

Karl Lagerfeld for Chloe

Just to let you know, I can still post out before Christmas although I wouldn’t recommend relying too heavily on the postal service, given current weather issues and Christmas rush. But even if it doesn’t get there in time, remember, a vintage piece is not just for Christmas…