Phoenix of Violet

1970s, David Courts, Inspirational Images, jewellery, Lester Bookbinder
New flowering jewellery talent is David Courts from Hornsey and the Royal College of Art. His double-headed phoenix of violet champleve enamel, red gold, with diamond eyes, carrying an oval amethyst and suspended by three strands of draped chain, £1,500. David Courts’ work can be seen at Electrum, Upper Grosvenor Galleries, W.1.

Photographed by Lester Bookbinder.

Scanned from Vogue, June 1974.

Rings in Sculpture

1970s, David Watkins, jewellery, Lester Bookbinder, mild sauce, Vogue, Wendy Ramshaw

Wendy Ramshaw is married to David Watkins. He is a sculptor and jeweller. She is a jeweller too. His electrically acrylic work is a collar dyed blue and sculpted to whoever will wear it. With the hinges and opening and band concealing them of 18 ct yellow gold, it is £880. Wendy Ramshaw makes rings, sculptural ones that fit into one another, with domed stones, smooth metal, finely judged architectural projections. She now makes ring stands so the ring is as handsome off as on. On the brass stand, turquoise and lapis blue enamel ring with outstanding green moonstone, £298 together. Nice work if you can collect it. It is on show at the Craft Centre of Great Britain at 43 Earlham Street, Covent Garden and the Electrum Gallery, 21 South Molton Street. Hair by Maggie Brew.

Photographed by Lester Bookbinder.

Scanned from Vogue, February 1974.

Crystal Gazers

1970s, charles jourdan, Inspirational Images, Lester Bookbinder, manolo blahnik, Over 21, shoes, zapata


Shoes by Charles Jourdan

Photographed by Lester Bookbinder.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Over 21 Magazine, December 1975.


Shoes by Manolo Blahnik for Zapata.