Vintage Adverts: Miss Levi’s, 1974

1970s, cosmopolitan, flares, jeans, levis, Vintage Adverts

Scanned from Cosmopolitan, June 1974

Vintage Adverts: Wrangler Psychedelia

1970s, jeans, psychedelia, Vintage Adverts, wrangler

Scanned from Petticoat, April 1970

Why have they not invented…

1970s, flares, jeans, Vintage Adverts


…a time travelling post box yet? At one time, the otherwise-evil-Topshop were doing some brilliant loons which I’m probably on the verge of wearing out because of the poor quality of modern denim. I knew I should have bought four of each style. Now there’s hardly anything approaching a decent flare and we seem to be back to bloody low-rise ubiquity again. Sigh. I want to order from these 1972 adverts. I want the flares AND the tops. Why was I born too late? Why?

I’ve struggled a bit with buying originals over the internet, because they never seem to accommodate my rear (of which I’m quite proud, but it’s annoyingly disproportionate to my hips/waist/legs) and I can’t send them back with a note saying ‘I don’t have a Seventies-sized arse, apparently’. I’m also [awkwardly] a pint-sized person, but not ‘petite’ in the leg length department. Which leaves me either trailing or swinging.

What I need is a huge selection of originals or decent repros to choose from, in decent quality denim which doesn’t stretch out and bag. Sigh. Is it too much to ask?? Any recommendations from my dear readers, bearing in mind I refuse to fork out ridiculous designer-denim prices….? Any high street shops you’ve noticed? I thought wide legs and monster flares were meant to be ‘back’… if so, where the hell are they?