Girls run riot for Aristoc tights (and Jean Muir!)

1970s, Aristoc, jean muir, norman parkinson, tights, Vintage Adverts, Vogue

Dress by Jean Muir.

Photographed in Tobago by Norman Parkinson.

Scanned from Vogue, September 1970.

Time For Make Up

19 magazine, 1970s, Illustrations, tights, Vintage Adverts

Scanned from 19 Magazine, September 1971.

Vintage Adverts: Galler, 1971

1970s, Jardin des Modes, tights, Uncategorized, Vintage Adverts

galler - jardin des modes fevrier 71

Scanned from Jardin des Modes, February 1971

Inspirational Editorials: The rest of the picture

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accessories chelsea cobbler shoes andreas heumann vogue  sept 73

Chestnut leather walking shoes, edged with ocelot-printed calf from The Chelsea Cobbler

There aren’t many accessories shoots worthy of scanning – the majority tend to be fairly static and unimaginative. So kudos to Andreas Heumann for this gorgeous set of pictures which manage to do justice to the contents.

Photographed by Andreas Heumann. Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Vogue, September 1973

accessories nigel lofthouse bag andreas heumann vogue  sept 73

Cream suede handbag with stitched appliques by Nigel Lofthouse at Che Guevara; City Lights Studio. Cream kid gloves by Bill Gibb for Miloré

accessories Clive Shilton bag andreas heumann vogue  sept 73

Cinnamon suede clutch bag by Clive Shilton.

accessories gibb gloves andreas heumann vogue  sept 73

Marbled scarf by Marbles. Marbled leather gloves by Bill Gibb for Miloré

accessories moya bowler boots andreas heumann vogue  sept 73

Black suede ankle boots, furred and laced, by Moya Bowler.

accessories rayne brogues andreas heumann vogue  sept 73

Honey suede crocodile print calf lace-ups from Rayne.

Vintage Adverts: Wolsey tights go on and on and on

1970s, platforms, shoes, tights, Vintage Adverts

Scanned from Vogue, April 1973

Inspirational Images: Your health too, Mr Bottomley

1970s, barbara daly, caroline baker, chelsea cobbler, hans feurer, Inspirational Images, mary quant, mild sauce, nostalgia, nova magazine, tights

Nova, February 1972

One of my favourite images from a Vargas-inspired spread in Nova, photographed by Hans Feurer. I will scan the others in time, but they all deserve solo appreciation. I think I would actually give my firstborn for those Chelsea Cobbler shoes. Red leather AND stars? Fetch my smelling salts!

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, there is something about the Seventies take on Forties style (and particularly pin-ups) which I find infinitely more appealing than the originals or the tired current trend for such things.

It takes all the glamour and sauce, but gives it that subversive, pop art-esque treatment so typical of designers like Tommy Roberts, Terry de Havilland and Rae Spencer-Cullen for Miss Mouse (amongst so many other Vintage-a-Peel favourites). The models look quirky, confident and very knowing; I never get a sense of exploitation or submission. Even the tagline ‘exploitation can be fun’ is perfectly pitched and mocking both the exploiters and the prudes. Viva la Seventies!

Vintage Adverts: Dubonnet on the rocks

dubonnet, hats, seventies fashion, tights, Vintage Adverts, Vogue

Dubonnet. Scanned from Vogue, November 1972

Inspirational Illustration: Pretty Polly, 1971

19 magazine, 1970s, Illustrations, pretty polly, tights, Vintage Adverts

Scanned from 19 Magazine, May 1971

New listings: Worra load of Cobblers

accessories, biba, chelsea cobbler, Illustrations, ossie clark, platforms, shoes, stockings, terry de havilland, tights, vintage fangirl squee, Vogue, website listings

Not really. In case you don’t look in the usually somewhat forgotten section of accessories on the website, here are the new listings contained therein. Including a pair of amazing Chelsea Cobbler shoes (featured in a Vogue illustration at the time):

Some divine moire silk Terry De Havilland shoes:

A very groovy plastic Sixties belt:

And some beautiful Biba and Ossie Clark bonneterie.

Curses!! Anna Friel, why I oughta…..

anna friel, tights

The other day, I blog about my new sparkly flower printed tights from H&M. I haven’t even had a chance to wear them out yet and bloody Anna Friel gets there first. You’d better be glad I REALLY like you Anna, otherwise I’d be REALLY mad with you. AND her shoes look like suede versions of my trusty stalwart patent Office darlings. Darnit. Now everyone’s going to think I’m trying to copy her. *sniffle*

This is why I generally try to buy vintage, I’d almost forgotten how irritating this kind of thing can be.

[evil mode] Do we think they might sell out and I can get a pretty penny for them on eBay? [/evil mode]