And now for the amazing… Kansai Yamamoto

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kansai july 71 a

On our left, this page, the satin Samurai appliquéd on a satin polyester T-shirt, £18; with sashiko—pure black cotton,–hip shorts. Black raggedy jacket of peacock feathers, with feather chaps buckled to the legs. Black patent boots on red satin platform soles,£28.
Centre, copper satin coat covered with navy and white cotton discs filled with butterflies, zipped up side, round the armhole to the collar and down the other side. Right, sashiko with a plaid of coloured lines, a violent satin hara kiri committed on the back (switched round here), £75. Black patent boots with turquoise satin platforms, £28. Wooden comb in the hair.

… and his marvellous painted circus of clothes. Twenty-seven years old, from Tokyo, he sells these unique clothes at Boston-1.51 where they hang like brilliant puppets, all the tradition of the Japanese theatre behind them. All clothes at Boston-1 51. Kansai Yamamoto oversees them in traditional kabuki stage manager’s kimono. Make-up, by Sachiko Shibayama, who has studied kabuki make-up for eight years.

Photographed by Clive Arrowsmith.

Scanned from Vogue, July 1971.

kansai july 71 b

Above left, scarlet, black and white kimono blouse, wide skirt with dragon teeth hem, big curved belt that says “fireman!” about £95. Black patent boots on scarlet satin, £28. Centre, “Fireman’s boss” sashiko vest with scarlet words, about £30. Sashiko tied leggings. Right, spiral zipped coat flared through six orders of plaid, all crossed again with quilting, in brown, rust, blue, dark red, lined with black cotton, £30.

Silks and Satins for at least one third of your life

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silks and satins - bailey - vogue july 74 1

Pale violet nightdress from Browns.

A heavenly combination of slinky nightwear, mid-Seventies tech and a very welcoming looking bed arrangement. Oh, and Marie Helvin of course. This is very much how I would like to spend the next few weeks, months… in fact, a third of my life!

Italian ‘Cifra’ bed by Vittorio Rossi & Luciano Bertoncini from Heal’s.

Photographed by David Bailey.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Vogue, July 1974.

silks and satins - bailey - vogue july 74 2

White satin de lys pujamas by Liliane Dreyfus for Vog.

silks and satins - bailey - vogue july 74 3

Pale beige crepe nightdress by Stan Herman for Charnos.

silks and satins - bailey - vogue july 74 4

White nightdress by John Kloss for Cira.

Inspirational Images: The most romantic jewels in the world

1970s, graff, Inspirational Images, marie helvin, Vintage Adverts, Vogue

The most romantic jewels in the world

Marie Helvin in a Vogue Promotion for Graff. Photographer uncredited.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Vogue, December 1977

Inspirational Images: An Emeraude Stream…

1970s, barry lategan, Boston-151, Coty, Inspirational Images, japonisme, Kanei Orimono, Kansai Yamamoto, marie helvin, Vogue a leafy glade - the green and woody scent of Coty's Emeraude. Short beige silk kimono, £35, scarf, £8, printed with figures by Kansai Yamamoto, matching umbrella by Kanei Orimono, £5 from Boston-151.

…in a leafy glade – the green and woody scent of Coty’s Emeraude. Short beige silk kimono, £35, scarf, £8, printed with figures by Kansai Yamamoto, matching umbrella by Kanei Orimono, £5 from Boston-151.

Modelled by Marie Helvin. Photographed by Barry Lategan.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Vogue, August 1971

All the support you need

caroline baker, Harri Peccinotti, marie helvin, mild sauce, nova magazine, seventies fashion

Some sizzling photos of Marie Helvin. Scanned from Nova, March 1975. Photos by Harri Peccinotti.

Images scanned by Miss Peelpants 


Inspirational Images: Oh, for a friendly milkman!

Inspirational Images, jean varon, john bates, marie helvin, seventies fashion, vanity fair

"How abandoned can you get?"

Dresses by John Bates for Jean Varon. Scanned from Vanity Fair, December 1971.

Who loves you baby? Ossie, that’s who…

david bailey, marie helvin, ossie clark, ritz magazine, seventies fashion

Ossie Clark and Marie Helvin. Advert scanned from Ritz magazine, No.14 1978.

Incredible, rare late Seventies Ossie advert. It is of the greatest frustration to me that Judith Watt’s otherwise fantastic book cuts off sharply at 1975. I know his final years were difficult, frustrating and ultimately tragic, but he didn’t simply stop designing in 1975 – and I’m sure many of us would like to read, see and understand more about the later years.

Inspirational Images: Marie Helvin, 1971

Inspirational Images, jeff banks, marie helvin, seventies fashion, Tony Moussoulides

Marie Helvin in a Jeff Banks dress, 1971. Photo by Tony Moussoulides.

Inspirational Images: Marie Helvin in Yuki

1970s, david bailey, Inspirational Images, marie helvin, Vogue, Yuki

Vogue, June 1976. Photographed by Bailey.

Vogue’s Christmas: Send in the Clowns

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It’s oh so quiet…

…over here, isn’t it? I haven’t turned to ice, or been out enjoying the snow too much to blog. No, I’m back in the West End, with my latest one-woman show….. ahhh, just joking! I’m back at the ballet, dressing the newest version of The Nutcracker and the schedule is a bit punishing for all involved. So I’m grabbing moments when I can, to post out my wares and try to keep on top of things. But sadly, it means that I’m barely able to keep up with all you lovely bloggers and get half of the things done before Christmas that I needed and wanted to do. Argh! Anyway, to keep you going until I have time/energy to blog again, here is one of my all-time favourite Vogue shoots from December 1975. Beauty and grace personified…

Apologies to any coulrophobes out there!

By John Bates

By Gina Fratini

By Jorn Langberg

By Bill Gibb

By Thea Porter

By Zandra Rhodes

Main dress by Hanae Mori

By Nettie Vogues

Karl Lagerfeld for Chloe

Just to let you know, I can still post out before Christmas although I wouldn’t recommend relying too heavily on the postal service, given current weather issues and Christmas rush. But even if it doesn’t get there in time, remember, a vintage piece is not just for Christmas…