Vintage Adverts: Breakout

1960s, Dobett, Du Pont, Inspirational Images, nova magazine, Vintage Adverts

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Nova, April 1968

Vintage Adverts: Teak

1960s, Illustrations, nova magazine, Vintage Adverts

teak april 1968
It doesn’t get more mid-century than an aftershave called ‘Teak’…

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Nova, April 1968

Inspirational Editorials: Le style Franglais

1970s, Alan Rodin, anello and davide, Charlotte March, chelsea cobbler, Inspirational Images, janice wainwright, nova magazine, simon massey, Tony Berkley, Vintage Editorials

L-R: Gauchos and battle jacket by Tony Berkley, boots at Elliott; Midi coat and matching pants by Alan Rodin, belt by The Wild Mustang Manfacturing Co, boots to order at the Chelsea Cobbler; Skirt and midi coat by Tony Berkley, blouse by Alan Rodin, boots by Anello & Davide.

Time to dig out the gauchos, zig zag knits and lace up boots again. Not that I ever need any encouragement, mind…

Photographed by Charlotte March. Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Nova, September 1970.

All three printed dresses in dicel crepe by Janice Wainwright at Simon Massey

Inspirational Images: All Squares on the Knitting Front

1970s, Bellini, biba, Butler & Wilson, caroline baker, Crochetta, Harri Peccinotti, Inspirational Images, nova magazine

Black and brown sweater by Crochetta, wool knit beret at Beatrice Bellini Handknits, metal brooch at Anschel, bangles at Butler & Wilson.

I definitely want a brooch that says ‘BROOCH’.

Photographed by Harri Peccinotti. Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Nova, October 1972

Sweater and matching trousers by Virginia, stripey tights at Biba, bracelets from Butler & Wilson.

Inspirational Illustrations: The Alabaster Necklace

1970s, Illustrations, Ingrid Schรผtte, nova magazine

Illustration by Ingrid Schรผtte

Scannedย by Miss Peelpants from Nova, December 1972

Inspirational Illustrations: One law for sons, another for daughters

1960s, Dick Sawers, Illustrations, nova magazine

By Dick Sawers

Scanned from Nova, June 1967

Mensday: Cosak Spells Action

1960s, Mensday, menswear, nova magazine, space age, Vintage Adverts

Scanned from Nova, June 1967

Actually I think you’ll find it spells ‘Cosak’, but never mind…

‘Think about COSAK for light relief’, combined with that suspicious looking pump thing they’re holding…? I’m not even going to fall into that dirty mind trap!

See also “Cosak is orbiting

Inspirational Images: Sheer clear of the showers

1970s, caroline baker, City Lights, helmut newton, Inspirational Images, nova magazine, Swanky Modes, Vintage Editorials

Top and wrap skirt at Swanky Modes. Sandals from City Lights Studio.

Ah…the Great British Summer. Still, I wouldn’t mind the rain ifย  I had a Swanky Modes transparent raincoat in my armoury. I would probably opt for wearing clothes underneath though. (I know, I’m such a spoilsport!)

Scanned from Nova, August 1973. Photographs by Helmut Newton.

Top and airmen’s trousers by Swanky Modes. Sandals at City Lights Studio.

Trenchcoat with petal-leaf collar at Swanky Modes. Sandals at City Lights Studio.

A-line raincoat with ‘debris’ seal in pockets by Swanky Modes. Sandals at City Lights Studio.

Inspirational Illustrations: Elizabeth Alone

1970s, Ann Meisel, Illustrations, Inspirational Images, nova magazine

Illustration by Ann Meisel

Scanned from Nova, November 1973. Illustrating the first chapter of Elizabeth Alone by William Trevor.

Inspirational Images: Your health too, Mr Bottomley

1970s, barbara daly, caroline baker, chelsea cobbler, hans feurer, Inspirational Images, mary quant, mild sauce, nostalgia, nova magazine, tights

Nova, February 1972

One of my favourite images from a Vargas-inspired spread in Nova, photographed by Hans Feurer. I will scan the others in time, but they all deserve solo appreciation. I think I would actually give my firstborn for those Chelsea Cobbler shoes. Red leather AND stars? Fetch my smelling salts!

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, there is something about the Seventies take on Forties style (and particularly pin-ups) which I find infinitely more appealing than the originals or the tired current trend for such things.

It takes all the glamour and sauce, but gives it that subversive, pop art-esque treatment so typical of designers like Tommy Roberts, Terry de Havilland and Rae Spencer-Cullen for Miss Mouse (amongst so many other Vintage-a-Peel favourites). The models look quirky, confident and very knowing; I never get a sense of exploitation or submission. Even the tagline ‘exploitation can be fun’ is perfectly pitched and mocking both the exploiters and the prudes. Viva la Seventies!