New blog, new listings…

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Mr Darren

Ah, my inaugural listings post … well, over here on wordpress anyway. Yet again I have been a little tardy in posting them here, but better late than never! There’s Annacat, Jean Muir, Biba, John Bates, Jean Louis Scherrer, Foale and Tuffin, Strawberry Studio (and breathe), and many more. All images are links to the pages over at Vintage-a-Peel. Usual things apply, free postage in the UK and let me know if you want to pay in a couple of instalments for the more expensive items.

John Bates for Jean Varon

Vanessa Frye / Mary Murray Ltd.

Strawberry Studio


Jean Muir

Foale and Tuffin


Jean Louis Scherrer

Kate Beaver

David Silverman

Mister Ant



Ika Hindley in Cosmopolitan, 1973

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From the same spread in Cosmopolitan as the Gabrielle Drake post, and eagle-eyed readers might recall that we have seen Ika Hindley before… There are still a few beauties to come, but I decided they were all worthy of their own post.

The spread was styled by Deirdre McSharry and she is really speaking my sartorial language. Dress by Annacat, shoes by Chelsea Cobbler and hat by Sarah Frearson. Make-up is by Pierre LaRoche (Bowie’s make-up artist and also for the Rocky Horror Picture Show) for Helena Rubenstein.

Cosmopolitan, June 1973. Photographed by David Montgomery. Scanned by Miss Peelpants.

“She arrived in the studio like an early Garbo, plain and drab. One hour and much make-up later she is fashion’s own superstar”.


The New Avenger in Lee Bender

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I have just listed some stunning new pieces over at Vintage-a-Peel, but the real star of the show has got to be this incredible Lee Bender for Bus Stop skirt and halter top set. For it is identical to the one worn by Joanna Lumley in a photocall for The New Avengers in 1976. Deliciously bright and saucy, and the one thing which might distract the world from your pudding-bowl haircut!

Photos and links to other newly listed items follow underneath…

Late Sixties cord jacket (click to view listing)

Murray Arbeid 1980s turquoise cocktail dress (click to view listing)

Terry de Havilland 1970s gold glitter shoes (click to view listing)

Norman Hartnell early 1960s chiffon and soutache evening gown (click to view listing)

Annacat 1960s blue velvet jacket (click to view listing)

Harold Ingram 1970s knitted top (click to view listing)

Polly Peck 1960s white cotton blouse (click to view listing)

Chelsea Girl 1970s stripe jumper (click to view listing)

Tom Bowker for Jean Varon 1970s silver lamé top (click to view listing)

Illustrations in Harpers and Queen, July 1972

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Truly, inspirationally perfect illustrations from Harpers and Queen, July 1972. I recently acquired an Annacat in the same print as the one above, in a slightly different cut, and I have another dress in the exact same cut but a plain green fabric. Annacat dresses make me happy, this spread makes me happy.

If you would like some Annacat happiness in your life, please check out the amazing one I have for sale on my website.

Illustrations by Caroline Smith

I like you verrrrrrry much

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Please excuse the daft title. This amazing Annacat dress is so brilliant and ruffled and exotic it can’t help but make me think of the divine Ms. Carmen Miranda. Not that it will immediately make you look like her, I hasten to add, unless you wear some fruit on top of your head. Although you may wish to, and I would certainly applaud you if you did. Anyway, here’s my occasional blog about some new listings of mine. There’s the aforementioned Annacat, a Jeff Banks for Clobber dress, Ann Reeves & Co, Pam Hogg, Janice Wainwright for Simon Massey, Miss Mouse, Joy Stevens, Polly Peck, Kati at Laura Phillips, Paraphernalia, Mary Quant, Petals and Concept by Samuel Sherman. Phewwwww. That’s a lot of gear.

Goodies Galore

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No, no, no! Not those Goodies, these goodies….

Rare pink felt hat by Lee Bender for Bus Stop

Have you ever had that feeling, that tight feeling in your chest when you think about all the various things you are required to do in a short space of time. It paralyses you, and makes the situation ten times worse. I suffer from this unnamed syndrome. Sometimes it causes me to be a bit behind in updating my website. I would hate for anyone to think that I’m lazy or too busy living some incredible jet-setting lifestyle. I mean, I would like to be doing the latter, who wouldn’t? But the truth is more boring than that.

Anyway, this week has somehow generated a flurry of website listings, and I thought I ought to share them with you. They include: a very, very rare piece of Bus Stop history in the form of a bright pink felt hat, an incredible Annacat prised from my personal collection in an attempt to regain control of my living space (this ambition is perpetually unfulfilled), an adorable printed cotton Horrockses dress, one of the most fabulous John Bates dresses I’ve seen and a super sexy emerald green lurex halter top by Mary Quant. But that’s just the big guns. There’s plenty of other pieces to tempt your tastebuds (I hope).

early Sixties Wallis Shops waffle-textured cotton sheath dress

early Seventies printed cotton Vivien Smith tea dress

early Seventies emerald green lurex halter top by Mary Quant

early Seventies fitted jacket in an incredible bold floral print

mid Sixties hot pink and gold shot matelasse shift dress

late Fifties floral and stripe printed cotton sundress by Horrockses

early Seventies maxi dress with unusual cross-stitch print bodice by John Bates for Jean Varon

Late Sixties psychedelic maxi dress by Annacat

early Seventies lime green high-waisted flares by Simon Massey

Sometimes I forget…

annacat, antony price, jean paul gaultier, jean varon, john bates, miss mouse, rae spencer cullen, vivienne westwood, wallis, website listings, yves saint laurent

…to post about new listings over here. How daft is that? I suppose it’s not bad daft, it just means I have way too much fun posting pretty or weird (or both) pictures and raving about strange things. But this blog’s existence is due, in no small part, to its progenitor Anyway, there have been a few new listings, the first of 2011 (because I’m slow and have had a lot of dressing work going on too), and there are definitely more to come. I’m slowly prising an Ossie from my grasp, so I’ll let you know when that happens….

Above is a superb playing card printed Miss Mouse satin coat. One of the best things I’ve ever seen!

Rare early Saint Laurent Rive Gauche piece (late Sixties)

Junior Gaultier high waisted red pencil skirt with applique details (Nineties)

Beaded black velvet bustier (late Eighties)

White cotton broderie anglaise Annacat blouse (Sixties)

Printed chiffon Wallis smock top (Seventies)

Rare John Bates for Jean Varon linen lace-up detail mini dress (Sixties)

White cotton wrap shirt by Vivienne Westwood Red Label (Nineties)

Cadbury’s purple velvet cocktail dress by Antony Price (Eighties)

Inspirational Images: Ossie Clark and Annacat, 1967

anello and davide, annacat, burt glinn, cherry twiss, ossie clark, quorum, telegraph magazine

telegraph july7 1967

Waterproof pigskin culottes, 18gns (matching jacket not shown, 40gns) to order, Cordoba Suedewear. Silk shirt, 11gns, by Annacat . Snakeskin waistcoat by Quorum, 6gns, only from Over The Rainbow. Mock crocodile boots, to order, Anello & Davide.

Photos by Burt Glinn. Styled by Cherry Twiss. Shot in Jamaica.
Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Telegraph Magazine, July 7th 1967.

Geeky Cobblers (and other listings)

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I wanted these Chelsea Cobbler boots to fit me so badly. But my spindly calves put paid to that desire, so they’ve just gone up on the website. Then, flicking through a 1970 copy of Nova (as you do), I spy them on the rarely-spotted designer Georgina Linhart. Geek heaven + spindly calves = Geek Hell. Or something…..sigh. Please will somebody very lovely buy them from me?

Other newly listed pieces on the site include:


Bus Stop by Lee Bender



Terry De Havilland

Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche

John Stephen

John Bates for Jean Varon

Lowy and Mund

Unsigned (poss. Mary Quant)

Inspirational Images: Annacat, 1969

1960s, annacat, british boutique movement, hats, Inspirational Images, Vogue

Annacat outfit. Vogue’s Own Boutique. Vogue, May 1969