Inspirational Images: All Squares on the Knitting Front

1970s, Bellini, biba, Butler & Wilson, caroline baker, Crochetta, Harri Peccinotti, Inspirational Images, nova magazine

Black and brown sweater by Crochetta, wool knit beret at Beatrice Bellini Handknits, metal brooch at Anschel, bangles at Butler & Wilson.

I definitely want a brooch that says ‘BROOCH’.

Photographed by Harri Peccinotti. Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Nova, October 1972

Sweater and matching trousers by Virginia, stripey tights at Biba, bracelets from Butler & Wilson.

Inspirational Images: Swanky Modes, 1974

1970s, caroline baker, Harri Peccinotti, nova magazine, Swanky Modes, swimwear

Acetate jersey sunsuits with fine netting frills: leotard-style (top), £16.48, tutu-style (below), £14.52, both by Swanky Modes.

Styled by Caroline Baker. Photographed by Harri Peccinotti. Nova, May 1974.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants

All the support you need

caroline baker, Harri Peccinotti, marie helvin, mild sauce, nova magazine, seventies fashion

Some sizzling photos of Marie Helvin. Scanned from Nova, March 1975. Photos by Harri Peccinotti.

Images scanned by Miss Peelpants 


Inspirational Images: Bill Gibb, 1972

bill gibb, flair magazine, Harri Peccinotti, Inspirational Images, seventies fashion

Photo by Peccinotti. Flair Magazine, October 1972.

Inspirational Images: Making up to Autumn

19 magazine, Harri Peccinotti, Inspirational Images, Make-up, seventies fashion

Illustrating an article titled 'We're Making up to Autumn'.

Sensory Overload

1970s, antony price, biba, bus stop, chelsea cobbler, Foale and Tuffin, Harri Peccinotti, Inspirational Images, kurt geiger, let it rock, mary quant, nova magazine, stirling cooper

From Nova, February 1972. Photograph by Harri Peccinotti

If this were my spring capsule wardrobe, I’d be one very contented lady…